Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cabin 12 Out of Business, Hemp & Company Cuts Back to 50%

It's not always good news in the tetla economy. In June, Cabin 12 restaurant went out of business. That was one of three restaurants that was accepting payment 100% in tetlas and one of only four or five restaurants in the tetla economy.*

Hemp & Company clothing store recently increased their tetla percentage. Instead of allowing people to pay only 20% of the cost of clothing in tetlas, they upped it to 100% so people could and did buy clothing with no money at all, just tetlas. The reason they did this was because the owners wanted to use the tetlas at restaurants. With one of the main restaurants gone, they cut back to 50%. Hemp & Company owner Bill Finley said this would be temporary if more restaurants in the downtown area start accepting tetlas. At least he didn't cut back to 20%.

The tetla organization has contacted the owners of other restaurants and the owners of two other restaurants are saying they will probably join the tetla economy soon. There's no guarantee that will really happen, so efforts are being made to contact other restaurants and other businesses.

*(It's not clear if Sabri and Naanwich should be counted as two restaurants or one since they have consolidated to one location.)

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