Sunday, May 17, 2015

Clothing Store Accepting Tetlas 100 Percent

A few days after Turmeric began accepting tetlas 100%, Hemp and Company clothing store downtown increased their percentage from 20% to 100%. So you can now buy clothing there and pay no money at all, only tetlas. Hemp and Company had previously received no tetlas, but after increasing the percentage, new customers started coming in and making purchases with tetlas.

Several other businesses are in discussions with the tetla organization regarding details about joining the tetla economy.  Details about all these businesses and others can be found at under the "Where can you spend tetlas" tab.

East Indian Restaurant Accepting Tetlas 100 Percent

A restaurant in Langford called Turmeric Indian Cuisine joined the tetla economy in March, accepting payment 100% in tetlas (except for alcohol and catering). Their food is fantastic, especially the butter chicken which you can try at the lunch buffet along with a lot of other things. The owners of Turmeric have a handy way to deal with how to ring up tetla purchases on the till. Instead of hitting the gift certificate button like some other businesses, they have a "tetla button" that they set up to help keep track of tetla revenues as a separate category.

Turmeric Indian Cuisine is the fifth restaurant in the tetla economy and the third Indian restaurant, but one of only two which accept tetlas 100% from the general public. The other one is Cabin 12 Restaurant.