Saturday, February 2, 2013

LETS Barter Auction

LETS Barter Auction in Fernwood
Bidding Will Be in Tetlas and Green Dollars

Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 3:30pm
1516 Pembroke Street (Corner of Belmont St.)in Fernwood. MAP
At the home of Sarah Flynn, the hostess of the event.

There will be a barter auction in Fernwood at the address above. Everyone reading this is invited to participate as a bidder or as a seller. If you don't have any green dollars or tetlas, you can borrow up to 1,000 green dollars (which are exchangeable for tetlas) without any credit check, without any collateral, without any repayment schedule, without any interest, just by opening a free barter account with the Victoria Local Exchange Trading System (L.E.T.S.) Their website is
Even if you only have a few tetlas, you still might get a great deal. At previous events of this kind, some items were actually sold at auction for just one green dollar or one tetla.

If you have anything of value that you'd like to sell, bring it. That could be something you have lying around the house or garage that you don't need anymore, but has some value. Or it could be something you make as a hobby. Or it could be a gift certificate for services you could provide.

Lots of Free Street Parking Available.
Come and Bring Your Stuff, or certificates for your services.
Bigger Ticket Items will be Auctioned First.
You'll be Home in Time for Dinner!
Call Sarah for more details: 250 995-3158
Some of the items expected to be auctioned: artwork, art supplies, women’s and girl’s clothing, hydraulic bar stools, small furniture, household items, tools, bedding, wall shelving, single down duvet, white scrub pants many sizes, various gift certificates, several guitars including child-size guitars. There are usually a lot of other items that we don't know in advance are coming.