Monday, October 14, 2013

Living The New Economy - A Week of Events

The Living the New Economy event is coming up. Actually there are two such events coming up. One in Vancouver and one on Vancouver Island in Victoria. Some of the events at the conferences are by donation, and some require tickets to be purchased.
Living the New Economy in Victoria will feature Tetlas. Tetla founder Meaghie Champion will be speaking at event during the "Indigenomics" segment. Also tickets to the event can be purchased online with Tetlas by entering the discount code "TETLA" when buying tickets online. This will cause the money price to go to zero. You'll automatically receive an email confirmation and printable tickets attached to the email. You'll need to remember to bring the actual Tetlas to the registration desk at the event to pay for the ticket, but you will already have the ticket and not have to worry about whether they sell out before you get there. If you have only enough Tetlas to pay for part of the cost of the ticket, use the same code and print the tickets, just pay at the registration desk partly in Tetlas and partly with regular money.
There will also be a table where you can buy Tetla t-shirts and probably other things.
Here's a link to the website for the event in Victoria:
Here's an explanation from the event website explaining what they mean by the "New Economy".
The "New Economy" encompasses:

economic activities that bring the human economy into greater balance with our natural ecosystems;

a movement towards a more equitable economic arrangement for people and communities, including more collaborative and distributed forms of ownership and greater economic democracy;

the building of economic, physical and social resilience in local economies and communities;

the "sharing economy", which includes collaborative consumption and the restoration of a more human and social element to economic transactions and other economic activities;

and the use of new technologies, especially communications and internet-based technologies, to make all of the above possible in ways they haven't been before.

The New Economy cannot be reduced to a strategy or an "idea" to be considered, but is an emergent phenomenon that is being manifest in many different ways all over the world right now, in response to the rapidly changing economic, technological, social and ecological environments. The economy is being transformed, and the question for stakeholders is "Do we wish to be leaders in this transformation, or followers?"

Living the New Economy is co-hosted by the Healing Cities Institute – a not-for-profit society dedicated to making cities places that enhance our physical, social, mental and spiritual health, and the EcoDesign Resource Society – a charitable organization. Since cities are made up of people and few things impact our social and mental health more than money, exploring different dimensions and approaches to the economy is key to the diversity, sustainable prosperity and health of any community.
Living the New Economy will be held in Vic West, just across the Blue Bridge (Johnson Street Bridge) from Downtown Victoria. Here's the details
There are 20 events taking place over 7 days from November 29 to December 5, 2013. Here is the schedule of events:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barter Auction Oct 21, 2013 7pm

Participate in the barter economy!

We'll be having a barter auction from 7pm to 9pm on October 21, 2013. The Community of Christ church has been kind enough to allow us to use the lower level of their church building as the venue for this event. The building is located at 495 Burnside Rd. E. It's atthe intersection of Burnside and Finlayson near the Mayfair Mall. There will be free parking in the church parking lot.

Bidding at the auction will be with Tetlas, green dollars or other pre-approved barter currencies. There will even be an experiment where you may be able to issue your own barter currency and use it to bid on and win items at the barter auction. If you are interesting in issuing your own currency, please contact us prior to the event.

In addition to the auction, you can buy or goods and services for barter currencies.

One dollar from each item or lot auctioned will go towards building or repairing homes on Indian Reserves. There will also be opportunities to make donations in Tetlas, green dollars, etc. to this project or to the Indigenous and Settler Allies Homemakers Association.

Some snacks will be made available for free. There will probably also be other snacks and food items for sale for barter currencies.

So bring your tetlas if you have any or open a free LETS barter account at and get 1,000 green dollars of free credit you can use to bid on items at the auction. Or look around your house or garage for that stuff you thought you would use when you bought it, but now is just taking up space. If it's worth something, you could auction it off and get Tetlas or green dollars you can spend in the barter economy. (Check out and click the tab that says, "Where Can You Spend Tetlas?" to see a list of local businesses that accept payment in Tetlas.) Please let us know in advance if you have something you want to auction off.

This is also a chance to meet other people who participate in the barter economy and be a part of building a new economy from scratch. This isn't just an auction. It isn't just a fundraiser. This is the seed of an economic transformation. That seed is already planted. Come watch it grow.