Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Butcher Shop Now Accepts 100% In Tetlas

Starting on April 14, 2016 a butcher shop named the Alia Halal Meat & Deli Mart in Quadra Village will be allowing customers to pay for all products in the store entirely with tetlas.

The shop is located at 2618 Quadra Street in Victoria across from the Fairway grocery store. It is an old fashioned butcher shop with a Middle Eastern atmosphere. All of their meat is organically raised, grass fed, free run, free range, hand slaughtered and local.

This butcher shop supplies a dozen restaurants. We're hoping some or all of them may join the tetla economy.

article by Douglas Champion

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Electronic Tetla

There is now an electronic version of the tetla. It runs on the counterparty system using the bitcoin blockchain. The name is "TETLAS". Other assets on counterparty may have similar names, but if they are not exactly the same, they could be created by someone else entirely.

For more information about counterparty, see and

For more information about electronic tetlas, we will post more information about it here later.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Forrest Renovations Joins Tetla Economy

Forrest Renovations is now accepting tetlas 100% for up to $500 per job with a negotiable percentage of tetlas for larger jobs. The team at FORREST specializes in residential renovations, specifically:

•  contracting
• painting
• decks
• fences
• back splashes
• finishing carpentry
• hardwood floors
• custom woodworking
• pressure washing
• concrete


Spoons Diner Now Accepting Tetlas 100 Percent

Victoria’s Spoons Diner is now the third restaurant to accept payment 100% in tetlas. Spoons is located at 2915 Douglas Street, just south of Mayfair Mall and a five-minute drive from downtown. Locally owned and operated, it specializes in breakfast and lunch and is open seven days a week, from 7 am to 4 pm. Diners can eat indoors or on the patio.

Spoons calls itself the “cheery source for gourmet comfort food” and delivers what it promises. Meals are made from scratch. The portions are large, but the prices are modest. The menu includes all your favourite breakfast dishes, as well as sandwiches, burgers, tacos, soups and sides. There are salads and other vegetarian options. I had the pulled-pork hamburger with fries: delicious. The service was prompt and friendly. My verdict: Spoons offers good food that won’t empty your wallet at a central Victoria location.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tetlas For Sale at H&C

Many people have asked if they can just buy tetlas instead of trading for them. The Tetla Tsetsuwatil does not sell tetlas for money. But now there is a store that does. H&C, Hemp & Company clothing store, is now selling tetlas for money. Their store is located at 1312 Government Street in downtown Victoria.

Meaghie on TV Again Talking About Tetla

Meaghie Champion, founder of the Tetla Tsetsuwatil, was interviewed on the Jack Etkin show on June 23, 2015 about tetlas. This is the third time she has been on his show.

Here is a link to a video of the interview:

In the interview, Jack asks he can buy tetlas. Shortly after this interview was recorded, the Hemp & Company clothing store started selling tetlas so you can buy them there now.

Cabin 12 Out of Business, Hemp & Company Cuts Back to 50%

It's not always good news in the tetla economy. In June, Cabin 12 restaurant went out of business. That was one of three restaurants that was accepting payment 100% in tetlas and one of only four or five restaurants in the tetla economy.*

Hemp & Company clothing store recently increased their tetla percentage. Instead of allowing people to pay only 20% of the cost of clothing in tetlas, they upped it to 100% so people could and did buy clothing with no money at all, just tetlas. The reason they did this was because the owners wanted to use the tetlas at restaurants. With one of the main restaurants gone, they cut back to 50%. Hemp & Company owner Bill Finley said this would be temporary if more restaurants in the downtown area start accepting tetlas. At least he didn't cut back to 20%.

The tetla organization has contacted the owners of other restaurants and the owners of two other restaurants are saying they will probably join the tetla economy soon. There's no guarantee that will really happen, so efforts are being made to contact other restaurants and other businesses.

*(It's not clear if Sabri and Naanwich should be counted as two restaurants or one since they have consolidated to one location.)